We want to speak to audiologists and HCPs

Nick Morgan-Jones
November 25, 2022

We want to speak to audiologists/HCPs who are looking for an alternative to conventional hearing aids for their clients.

We’ve spoken to lots of people who have never had the courage to set foot in an audiologist’s office and are waiting for an alternative to what they currently think of as “hearing aids”. We now want to talk to anyone who might be interested interested in providing Overtones. We want to learn about your questions and concerns, ultimately how we can build the best possible option for many of your clients.

At Overtone, we’re building the hearing aid equivalent of designer eyewear. Overtone is something you wear, visibly, on your head all day long and becomes a part of how you look. We know that 80% of people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them - most people just don’t want to wear hearing aids - Overtone is an alternative form factor for hearing aid technology. The time has come to stop hiding hearing tech - let’s change the narrative and proactively remove the stigma together. We’re building both an OTC version as well as a regular hearing aid version for more severe losses.

Who are Overtones for?

  • Mild-moderately severe hearing loss
  • People who don’t want the look of a conventional/medical hearing aid
  • Young people who don’t want to be grouped in with the oldies.
  • Older people who also don’t want to be grouped in with the oldies.

We’ve already spoken to a number of audiologists who want to be one of the first to offer Overtone, and we can’t wait to speak to even more!
If you’d like to learn more about Overtone and tell us what we need to know about your practise in order to build something perfect for your clients, please book a 15 minute call here or shoot me an email at nick@overtone.so.

— Nick

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