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Why we exist.

We're a new, Berlin-based brand on a mission to make every social interaction amazing with hearing-enhancing technology that we actually want to wear.

For too long, ugly, medical hearing aids have been the only option for anyone who's missing a few words here and there.

We believe that modern hearing technology deserves the same love that designer eyewear has and is designed to look as great as it sounds.

We know the problem better than anyone.

Hi, my name's Nick. I started Overtone by designing my own pair of custom hearing enhancers in my bedroom. This project was called Butterfly Audio.

I've needed hearing aids since I was 10 years old, but I completely avoided wearing them the whole way through school because I hated how they looked and didn't want to be seen wearing them. I couldn't always hear what people were saying, so I often isolated myself to avoid embarrassment. I always wanted to have hearing technology that didn't feel like a medical product so I could confidently be myself in social situations.

So in 2021 I started Overtone. I've been video-blogging the whole journey since day one. Working with my friend, Gray, we've designed and tested loads of different directions and now we want to make them available to everyone else who wants to have life-changing hearing enhancers that look good, too.

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