5 Celebrities Who Have Hearing Loss

Nick Morgan-Jones
July 18, 2022

Here’s 5 celebrities who have hearing loss (and you didn’t even know!)

Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was born with partial hearing loss that eventually led to her being completely deaf in one ear. It’s really affected her life. She said she doesn’t always hear the directors cues while she’s on set.

You never would have guessed it, right?

Zak Abel

Up and coming, British heart-throb Zak Abel opened up about his challenges with hearing loss and confidence to wear a hearing aid. While wearing a hearing aid has massively improved how he communicates, he said he wishes we looked at hearing aids the same way we look at glasses that we’ve got actors and singers wearing and modelling because they want to be seen wearing them.


Canadian electronic artist Grimes had to cancel a string of shows back in 2012 to avoid further hearing loss.

Grimes, if you’re watching this, the next time you see Elon, tell him you’ve found the perfect hearing tech startup for him to invest in.

Will I Am

7-time Grammy Award winning artist Will i am revealed that he suffers from serious tinnitus ringing in his ears that he tries to drown out with music. Hearing tests indicate his hearing is deteriorating and may lose his hearing entirely, later in life.


German heart-throb, Ludwig van Beethoven first started losing his hearing at age 28. When he wasn’t using a sexy ear horn, he could still hear himself playing music by sending vibrations to his inner ear via a wooden stick clenched in his jaw that picked up the piano’s vibrations.

So many people who could benefit from hearing tech don’t wear them because they just don’t want to be seen as someone who wears hearing aids.

Now, Beethoven died a long time ago, but if he ever wore hearing tech, we all know it would have been Decibels.

The only way we’re going to remove the stigma around hearing tech is to stop hiding it.

We believe this life-changing technology should be designed to be seen. If you do too, join the waitlist.

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