Decibels is now Overtone

Nick Morgan-Jones
September 1, 2022


We’re building the hearing equivalent of designer eyewear.

Something you wear, visibly, on your head all day long and becomes a part of how you look.

As someone who wears hearing aids, I think what eyewear brands have done over the years is incredible.

They’ve taken what is essentially assistive technology for visual impairment and transformed it into a lifestyle product. And I think there’s a lot we can learn from how these brands present themselves as we transform medical hearing aids into something completely new.

We recently came across another company in the hearing space using the same name as us, “Decibels”, for their pharmaceutical product. And as we grow, we just don’t want to be confused with or associated with medical devices.

So as we’re still a young brand, we want to take this opportunity to not only differentiate ourselves from medical products, but lead the way in designer hearing tech with a new lifestyle brand that we believe matches our vision.

So from now on we’re Overtone.

Designer hearing tech that suits you.

If you want your own pair of Overtones, you can join the waitlist to get them first.

There’s a link in the comments.

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