I Made a Hearing Aid in My Bedroom

Nick Morgan-Jones
January 7, 2022


Hey I’m Nick and I’m finally gonna finish building my own hearing-enhancing wearable in my bedroom.

Our helper from South America (who’s asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons) has sent me some working hearing aid electronics, pre-programmed to my unique hearing.

So there’s electronics inside this,  It’s the right shape but this obviously isn’t the colour we want it to be, this is just what they had in the lab. We want to take the electronics out of this and put it inside one of our more transparent shells.

Another thing I realised is that this standard hearing aid wire is way too flimsy. It kind of ruins the user experience when I try and put it on. I want to be able to put it on in one smooth motion, not use two hands to faff about getting the fit right.

So I had a chat with Gray and he adapted the design a bit so we can fit the components inside and also make the part going into the ear a bit more rigid so it fits nicely. We put it through the 3D printer and we’re ready to put the electronics inside.

And here it is, I designed and made my own custom hearing-enhancing wearable in my bedroom. And this journey has been amazing. I couldn’t have done this without so many people smarter than me, so thanks so much to everyone who’s been involved.

The next step is taking it from this to this. These are Decibels and we’re making them available for everyone. So if you want to hear the world in full colour, be the best version of yourself in social situations, and like me, you don’t want to hear hearing aids, join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when they’re available. There’s a link in the description, or bio, or comments.. depending on where you’re watching this from!

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