Imagine if Burberry did hearing aids

Nick Morgan-Jones
April 9, 2024


Imagine if Burberry did hearing aids

I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

The British heritage brand already does frames for glasses, giving wearers who want to enhance their eyesight the opportunity to enhance the way they look as well.

Why has no one done the same for hearing?

This is such an untapped market. There’s over 400 million people like me who’s ability to communicate could be completely transformed by technology that enhances how we hear, but 80% of people who could, don’t wear anything - mostly because of the stigma attached to wearing hearing aids.

And this stigma is reinforced by the hearing aid companies today - they design them to be hidden and market invisibility as a primary reason to want their product, but this is just telling you that if someone knows you wear hearing aids, you should be embarrassed. So why would you want them?

The glasses industry is the complete opposite, brands like Burberry want you to be seen wearing their glasses. They offer you a range to choose from so you can select the frames that scream you. And the fact that they enhance your eyesight almost becomes secondary to how they enhance they way you look.

So if they did do hearing aids, I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

Last time I showed you how Fortnite would do it for kids.

Let me know in the comments what brands you would want to wear.

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