Imagine if Nike did hearing aids

Nick Morgan-Jones
February 14, 2024

Link to youtube here!


Imagine if Nike did hearing aids…

I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

I always tried to hide my hearing aids at school because I was embarrassed to be seen wearing them.

When I was playing football I just didn’t wear them at all, and that meant I just couldn’t communicate properly with my teammates.

But if you needed glasses, you could choose from so many cool styles. Even Edgar Davids wore Nike glasses on the pitch!

Nike’s brand message is 'If you have a body, you are an athlete'. No matter your ability.

And the things they sell let you prove that to the world.

Now, a product that enhances your communication within a team? If Nike did make hearing aids, I bet they wouldn't hide them!

The biggest lifestyle brands already do designer eyewear,

So I built Overtone for the millions of people like me who want designer earwear too.

Let me know what brands you would want to wear!

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