Imagine if Prada did hearing aids

Nick Morgan-Jones
March 11, 2024


Imagine if Prada did hearing aids. I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

They’d make them a statement.

I’ve always been envious of people who have less-than-perfect-vision. I know that sounds weird. But they have the option of wearing beautiful Prada glasses. If you’ve got less-than-perfect-hearing, like me, well you’ve only got medical hearing aids. Great.

No wonder only 1 in 5 people who could benefit from wearing aids actually wear them. No one wants to wear them.

You know glasses used to be stigmatized, just like hearing aids are today, but when brands like Prada embraced the obvious visibility as an opportunity to enhance both the way you see AND the way you look, eyewear went from something you ought to wear, to something you want to wear.

Prada as a brand, is all about making a statement as an individual. They set the trends and guide the cultural conversation. [Close up of design] They have the power to take hearing tech, something that everyone else is trying to hide, and reinvent it as a statement, a conversation starter, that is unapologetically visible.

Prada didn’t get into the eyewear industry out of a deep connection to optometry or something. They did it because their minimalist designs exude sophistication and confidence, and framing the most visible part of you, your face, with Prada-designed frames lets you own that sophistication and confidence wherever you go. So if Prada did do hearing aids, I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

Last time I showed how Nike could tell a very different story. Let me know in the comments what brands you would want to wear.

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