Imagne if Moscot did hearing aids

Nick Morgan-Jones
March 20, 2024


Imagine if MOSCOT did hearing aids.

I bet they wouldn’t hide them.

Since 1915 in Lower East Side New York, Moscot have been part of the cultural movement that transitioned glasses from a stigmatised medical product to a lifestyle accessory that people want to be seen wearing. Proving that with enough focus on the design of how they look, hearing technology could do the same.

If you don’t know who Moscot are, you’ve almost definitely seen their glasses before.

Branded eyewear is cool, but not everyone wants to wear a logo on their face. While some might recognise Moscot’s frames by their iconic diamond or dotted rivets, it’s the overall aesthetics of the frames that put Moscot ahead of their competitors.

So if they did do hearing tech, you’d expect the frames to look just as good.

Many eyewear brands focus their marketing primarily on Millenials and Gen Z and while Moscot reaches almost every age group, the heritage brand looks damn good on the Gen X crowd and shows that although the lens that each brand uses is almost identical, different brands design different frames to speak to different demographics, so if you need glasses, there will be a brand that speaks to you.

Now let me know in the comments what the coolest hearing aid brand to wear is… There’s over 400 million people like me who could wear hearing aids and average person can’t even name one hearing aid brand? And it’s not surprising, none of those brands speak to you. And that’s why no one wants to wear them.

So I started Overtone to build the hearing equivalent of designer eyewear. Last time I showed how Prada would do it. Let me actually know in the comments what brands you would want to wear.

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