Our New Hearable Designs

Nick Morgan-Jones
May 26, 2021


Hi, my name’s Nick and I’m designing my own pair of custom hearing-enhancing wearables in my bedroom. Now this video is going to be a design update. The last one of these we did, I had some sketches. I had a wire and foam prototype of the device. Now the next step is to make a 3D-version. I’m really learning that this is always a little bit harder than you hope it to be, but luckily I got Gray who is making some amazing first 3D-models.

Basically, I started like exploring the form a little bit and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can kind of probably tell already that I got stuck to the circle thing a lot and then I slowly branched out with like a couple ideas does it look better if it’s thinner. Does it look better if it’s kind of a platform that’s like really close to your face or like far away from your face? That’s kind of mostly what I explored so far. There’s loads of cool shapes for the main body of the device that we can use.

But it’s becoming apparent that the shape of the device will really affect how securely it fits on the ear. Designing for the ear is really not easy because all ears are just so different. So we spent hours drawing on pictures, talking about ear geometry and just trying to communicate over video call how the is shape is going to limit our design.

Ears are such weird shape. We agreed that we just need to 3D-print something quite soon and see if it fits. So that’s what we can do next.

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