Prototype 3.0 incoming

Nick Morgan-Jones
July 7, 2023


I’ve always hated how my hearing aids look, so I’m building the hearing equivalent of designer eyewear. Hearing tech that gives clarity to speech, and like glasses, are actually designed to be something you want to be seen wearing.

The last prototype we built proved it was possible to fit all the necessary components inside our unique design. But in order to make a fully working prototype that I can wear and test the sound quality, we needed to find a hearing tech manufacturer to build it from the ground up.

So after working quietly behind the scenes for months, speaking to different companies and testing different products in the notoriously difficult hearing tech industry, we finally found the right partner to build Overtone with us.

This is so exciting because I can’t even begin to explain how complex it has been to find the right manufacturer to do this!

As much as hearing devices share similar components to products like AirPods, there’s a whole layer of complexity when it comes to the sound enhancement software and acoustics inside the ear canal that makes it possible for hearing devices to actually enhance your individual hearing and make speech clearer. And there’s only a few companies that can do it well. So it’s really cool that we’ve found a way forward.

However, it’s not cheap to build a custom hearing device, and I’m still working to bring this to life without funding at this stage, so I’ve opened up a donations page for anyone who wants to help support the production costs. It will really help this project so much. If you’re not able to donate, that’s completely fine! Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with me already.

You can find the donations page here:

I’m really excited to show you this prototype, and bring Overtone one step closer to being available to you all!


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