Prototyping With Electronics

Nick Morgan-Jones
September 2, 2021


Hi, my name is Nick and I’m designing my own pair of custom hearing-enhancing wearables in my bedroom. So I’ve got my 3D-printed prototypes, but I think it has been clear from the beginning of this project, that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to anything with electronics. I’m going to need some help when it comes to putting some components inside.

Well, someone from South America, who has asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, has really kindly offered to help. He has a hearing aid lab and he’s offered to work with the technicians in the lab to put some components inside our prototype. I emailed the 3D-file over to them. They printed it on their 3D-printer and started hacking together some hearing aid components to put inside the 3D-printed shell.

And it is amazing that there's more than enough room for all the components necessary, which is a benefit of not making miniaturisation such a priority like with normal hearing aids. So hypothetically, this means that we can have bigger battery power features like Bluetooth. So I’ve emailed over my personal hearing profile.

Now this tells the technicians, what particular sound frequencies of the outside world the wearable needs to adjust for my personal hearing profile. And once it’s calibrated, they’ll send it over to Europe dnd I can try out my own first black working prototype. So a massive thanks again to our anonymous helper.

I will let you know when this gets delivered.

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