Reserve your Decibels

Nick Morgan-Jones
February 28, 2022


Gray: Hey everyone,

Nick: We’ve spent the last 8 months designing Decibels for people just like me –  people who want to hear everything with more clarity, but don’t want to be someone who wears hearing aids.

Gray: Now we need a little bit of your help to make this happen.

Basically, if we can prove to investors that people are willing to buy hearing enhancers that actually look good, they will fund the manufacturing of Decibels.

Nick: Tomorrow on the first of March, you can reserve your pair of Decibels. And to say thank you, we’ll give you 30% off when we release them. Join the waitlist and we’ll send you an email to reserve tomorrow – there’s a link to the waitlist in the comments and in the bio.

This deposit is refundable if you do change your mind.

If you do put a deposit down at all, thank you so much for supporting us.

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