We've got a working prototype!

Nick Morgan-Jones
October 5, 2023


I just got the prototypes back for my designer hearing enhancers that I’m working on.

I actually got the first version back about 8 weeks ago from the hearing aid manufacturer I’ve been working with.

Obviously this isn’t how the final product will look - it’s a technology prototype to test the sound and fit before I spend time and money making sure they look amazing and are something I want to wear all day.

There were a couple of issues with this first version - which is completely normal with prototypes.

  1. The first is that the wire with the speaker on the end was a bit too long. So it kind of stuck out a lot.
  2. The second is that some of the sound was escaping from my ear and feeding back into the microphone causing unwanted noise. This is a common issue with my severe kind of hearing loss, but not for most people, so it means I need a custom speaker for my ears that stops the sound from leaking out.

So I sent the prototypes back to our manufacturer and waited for about 8 weeks.

Also, thank you sooo much to everyone who donated towards the production of the prototype. It’s not cheap building electronics and honestly I’m so so grateful for everyone who contributed!

Ok now -  I’ve got the next version.

Nice, there’s a shorter cable and the custom earmolds to keep the sound in. Not the sexiest colour I know, but this is fine for now.

oh! and wireless charging! Nice!

Now I really hope these fit…

Wow they actually work I can't believe it - I actually built my own pair of custom hearing aids in my bedroom!

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