What's it like to have hearing loss?

Nick Morgan-Jones
April 11, 2022


A lot of people ask me “what’s it actually like having hearing loss?” and this is my favourite way to explain it.

Imagine if you could see all the colours of a rainbow like everyone else, but for you, some colours were just less intense than others.

You can still see, but it’s just harder to make out the difference between colours. Or for hearing, the difference between words.

It’s not really a problem until you need to see complex combinations of colours. Or for hearing, that’s complex sounds like speech.

Every conversation would be like a game of Twister – where it’s critical to be able see the different colours, otherwise you can’t understand what’s going on or how to contribute to the conversation.

And when you need to keep asking people to point out colours for you, or with hearing, to repeat themselves, you realise that it’s actually more effort than it is enjoyable.

And often without even realising, you isolate yourself from social situations, and miss out on the one thing that everyone wants. Connection.

And that’s why we’re building Decibels. Hearing enhancers that give clarity to speech like you’ve never heard.

They let you hear the world in full colour and let you be the person you want to be when you’re with other people.

These use medical-grade hearing technology, personalised to your specific hearing profile, and they’re designed to be seen.

So if you want to help us bring these to life, join the waitlist and reserve your pair.

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